How to Not Get Ads on Youtube

Kiatbaca – We’ve all been there. You’re excited to watch a video on YouTube, and all of a sudden, you’re bombarded with ads. It’s not just frustrating, but it can also significantly slow down your browsing speed, especially if the ad is too long. But did you know there are ways to avoid them altogether? In this post, we will cover everything you need to know about how to get rid of ads on Youtube. You’ll learn about disabling ads, using ad blockers, and other tips and tricks to avoid them. Additionally, we will discuss the different types of ads on YouTube and the role advertisers play in promoting ads on the platform. So, sit tight, and let’s dive into the world of YouTube ads.

YouTube Ads – What You Need to Know

YouTube is popular for video content, but ads are a big turnoff for many viewers. However, there are simple ways to block ads on YouTube. You can use Chrome’s YouTube Adblocker to get rid of all types of ads on YouTube. If you still want to use YouTube ads without irritating your viewers, you can create search ads that only appear in Google search results when users click on them.

You can also customize the type of ads you see with ‘My Ad Center’ on YouTube. It allows you to personalize your ad experience, giving control to the viewers to choose which ads they want to see. You can block or report ads that bother you, and get to learn more about the advertiser. These steps can make your YouTube watching experience more enjoyable and tailored to your liking, with personalized ad preferences along with an ad-free viewing experience.

Disabling Ads on YouTube

YouTube ads are a nuisance and distract viewers, but there are ways to disable them. If you are annoyed with the ads while watching YouTube videos, then you can install an application like YouTube AdBlocker. It blocks all types of ads including skippable, non-skippable, bumper, and overlay ads. Another option is to go to the ‘Ad Preferences’ menu and deactivate ads based on data from advertisers and offline interactions by selecting ‘No’.

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For those who are not tech-savvy, a helpful video provides instructions on blocking ads on YouTube. The YouTube Adblocker Chrome extension can be used to remove all YouTube ads, including skippable, non-skippable, overlay ads, and bumper ads. By following these methods, you can enjoy an uninterrupted YouTube viewing experience.

Ad Blockers for YouTube

Advertisements on YouTube can be a nuisance for viewers who want uninterrupted video streaming. There are multiple ways to block ads on YouTube, including ad-blocking software that typically comes in the form of browser extensions. These ad blockers function by preventing all flagged advertising material. To block YouTube ads, one can also choose to use in-built features such as selecting “More” and then “Block ad” when an advertisement pops up.

Using a YouTube AdBlocker Chrome extension can be an effective solution as it blocks skippable, non-skippable, overlay, and bumper ads. YouTube Adblocker Chrome ensures that viewers can enjoy uninterrupted video streaming without distractions from ads. Before installing any ad blocker, it is important to verify its authenticity and aim for a reputable source, doing our part to ensure that we maintain online security.

Tips for Avoiding Ads on YouTube

Want to watch videos on YouTube without any irritating ads? You’re not alone. There are several ways you can avoid ads on YouTube. Firstly, you can install a YouTube adblocker. This will work across all ad formats, including skippable, non-skippable, overlay ads, and bumper ads. Secondly, you can go to the ‘Ad Preferences’ menu and select Ad Settings to turn off data-driven ads. In addition, some videos can provide instructions on how to block ads on YouTube. Another way to avoid ads is by tweaking the settings of your social media platforms. Finally, you can install the YouTube Adblocker — an all-in-one tool that blocks all types of ads on YouTube. By utilizing any of these methods, you can enjoy uninterrupted content on YouTube for a hassle-free viewing experience.

Advertisers and Youtube

Big tech companies such as Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, Twitter, and TikTok/ByteDance rely on advertising revenue to maintain their services. As such, ads are becoming harder to avoid on YouTube, Google’s video-sharing service. However, users can learn more about advertisers on Google by clicking the “More” option on the ad and selecting “About this advertiser.” Google also offers search ads, which are only displayed when someone searches for a business, and the advertiser is only charged when the user clicks on the ad. While avoiding ads altogether is difficult, users can use ad-blocking software or YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

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How Youtube Ads Works

Types of ads on YouTube

Ads on YouTube can be bothersome, but there are ways to minimize them. YouTube delivers various ads such as search ads and video ads, which can be blocked with certain tools. These ads are meant to generate revenue for prominent tech companies such as Google/Alphabet, Facebook/Meta, Twitter, and TikTok/ByteDance. These companies depend on advertising revenue since they don’t have a subscription-based business model.

YouTube has a feature called My Ad Center which enables users to block, report, customize, and learn more about the ads they see depending on their interests. Additionally, it is essential to note that ads on YouTube are often promotional and designed to prioritize ads over content, but if it is too much of a distraction, you can choose to watch ad-free content by subscribing to YouTube Premium.

How to avoid getting ads on your videos

Getting bombarded with ads while watching videos on YouTube can be annoying. Fortunately, there are methods to avoid ads and have a seamless video streaming experience. Installing a YouTube ad-blocker on your Chrome browser can prevent intrusive ads from popping up during your video streams. The Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker plugin also hides ads on search result pages. If you don’t want your browsing data to be used for ad targeting, you can deactivate ad influencers by visiting the ‘Ad Preferences’ menu and selecting ‘Ad Settings.’ Additionally, you can eliminate different types of ads on YouTube, including skippable, non-skippable, bumper, and overlay ads. Adjusting ad targeting settings on specific social media platforms can also help reduce the number of ads you see. Implementing these measures can help you enjoy uninterrupted video streaming on YouTube.

Possible solutions if you do not want ads on your videos

If you are someone who dislikes ads on YouTube, there are ways to avoid them. Blocking ads on YouTube can be possible by installing ad-blocker extensions, which would block ads from playing on your videos. Mid-roll, and pre-roll ads on Twitch can be avoided by using VPNs and changing your IP address location. Using Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker can hide ads on search result pages. Using Google’s search ads is a viable option as it only charges when someone clicks on the ads.

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Another suitable option is to switch to an alternative platform that does not display ads on videos. Keep in mind that free platforms are usually more ad-heavy compared to paid subscription-based models. While some ads can be beneficial, having a block might save you valuable time and focus while streaming the YouTube videos.


In conclusion, there are several ways to avoid getting ads on your YouTube videos. You can opt out of having your videos shown in sponsored collections, use a content management system (CMS) that blocks ads, or create advertiser-friendly content. You can also use video editing software that removes objectionable content, or try using ad blockers on your computer or mobile device. If all else fails, you can reach out to Google and ask for help in preventing your videos from being placed with ads. Keep in mind that some of these solutions may require adjustments to your content or the tools you use.


YouTube ads can be a major annoyance when you are trying to watch your favorite videos. However, there are different ways to avoid them. You can either disable the ads or use ad blockers to make sure the ads do not appear. Additionally, you can follow tips like skipping ads, subscribing to premium accounts or using YouTube videos in incognito mode to enjoy uninterrupted video streaming. It is also important to note that advertisers play a huge role in how YouTube ads work, so it is important to be aware of how ads can impact your experience. If you are a creator and don’t want ads on your videos, you can choose to enable YouTube’s monetization feature or switch to a different platform. To explore more options, read our blog on how to not get ads on YouTube.

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