How to Get Youtube Music Premium For Free

Kiatbaca – Are you a music enthusiast looking for ways to enjoy your favorite tunes uninterrupted? Youtube Music Premium is the perfect solution for you. But did you know that it comes with a subscription fee? No need to fret. In this blog, we’ll show you how to get Youtube Music Premium for free. We’ll go over the requirements and outline the process step-by-step. We’ll also provide an overview of Youtube Music and discuss its benefits. Additionally, we’ll address what happens if you don’t get Youtube Music Premium for free and how to deactivate it if you change your mind. So, let’s get started and learn how to enjoy uninterrupted music for free.

What is Youtube Music Premium?

Youtube Music Premium is a paid music membership for YouTube Music users, priced at $10 per month for individuals or $15 for families, with discounted rates for students. The membership offers an ad-free experience, offline downloads for listening, and uninterrupted background music playback. For $12 per month (or more for the family plan), Youtube Music Premium is bundled with YouTube Premium, which includes ad-free videos and some original video content. Fortunately, there is a free one-month trial available for individuals who want to test out the features of both YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium before committing to a membership.

How do I get Youtube Music Premium for free?

YouTube Music Premium is a paid subscription service, but you can get a free one-month trial to test it out first. After that, the price per month is $10 for an individual or $15 for a family plan. However, students are eligible for discounts. If you own a smart speaker, you can enjoy free ad-supported playlists and stations. Alternatively, in some regions, you can access YouTube Premium at a special discounted price for the first three months. Check your local providers for the latest deals.

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What happens if I don’t get Youtube Music Premium for free?

If you choose not to get Youtube Music Premium for free, you can still access free playlists and stations on the platform. However, keep in mind that these services come with ads. To enjoy uninterrupted music streaming and improved sound quality, users can opt for Youtube Music Premium. While it costs $10 per month for an individual, families can subscribe for $15 per month. If you want to give Youtube Music Premium a try, there is a free one-month trial available, and discounts for students may also be available. Cancelling a free trial before it ends does not incur any charges. Note that if you subscribed through a third-party app developer, you will need to cancel through the same platform.

How to cancel or deactivate Youtube Music Premium if you don’t want it anymore?

If you no longer want to use Youtube Music Premium, you can cancel or deactivate your subscription at any time. The cancellation process varies depending on whether you purchased the subscription through the App Store or directly from a third-party app developer.

If you purchased the subscription through the App Store, you can contact Apple Support to cancel it. If you subscribed through a family plan, the Family Sharing organizer cannot manage the subscription, and you may have to contact the subscription provider directly to cancel it.

To cancel the subscription directly through Youtube Music, you can fill out the β€œCancel Subscription” form, and the funds will not be refunded for the current month. Keep in mind that if you cancel your subscription during the trial period, you will not be charged.

Overview of Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a music streaming service that was introduced in October 2015, along with the unveiling of YouTube Premium. The service is offered in four tiers, including a free version with ad-supported streaming, an individual subscription for $9.99 a month, a family subscription for $14.99 a month, and a student subscription for $4.99 a month. One of the advantages of using Youtube Music is the access to offline curated playlists and video content. Subscribers of the premium version can download music for offline listening and play it in the background or after locking their phone.

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Although Youtube Music provides a great range of features, it is generally regarded as being more limited in functionality than competitors like Spotify or Apple Music. However, one can still access Youtube Music Premium for free, and this article will provide tips on how to do so.

How to get Youtube Music premium for free

YouTube Music Premium is a paid subscription service that allows users to listen and download music without any ads. Individual plans cost $10 per month, while family plans cost $15 per month. Students are eligible for a discounted plan, starting at $5 per month. However, there are ways to get Youtube Music Premium for free! One option is to take advantage of the one-month free trial that is available to all new users. Additionally, some carriers and phone plans offer free YouTube Music Premium as a perk. Another option is to sign up for YouTube Paid Membership or Premium, which includes ad-free videos, original content, and access to YouTube Music Premium for a starting price of $12 per month. By exploring the available options, you might end up owning a Youtube Music Premium account for free!

Requirements for getting Youtube Music premium

YouTube Music Premium is a streaming service that provides an uninterrupted music experience for its users. The service costs $10 per month for an individual and $15 per month for families. A free one-month trial is available to new users. Discounts are also available for students. The service is currently available in many countries/regions. In some regions, the service is available for prepaid and postpaid customers at different monthly costs. For individual prepaid and postpaid customers, monthly service fee of 139 Baht (VAT inclusive) will be incurred for the first three months of service use and 159 Baht (VAT inclusive) for the following months. With these requirements in mind, users can enjoy YouTube Music Premium’s exclusive features without having to pay a hefty subscription fee.

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How to use Youtube Music premium

Youtube Music Premium is a service that allows users to stream music without ads and provides access to some exclusive features such as the ability to play tracks on a variety of devices. It costs $10 per month for an individual subscription or $15 for families, with discounts available for students. YouTube Premium costs $12 per month, which includes access to the same music streaming service along with ad-free video content and original video content. One of the best parts of Youtube Music Premium is the ability to stream music at a high quality of up to 256kbps. By subscribing to this premium service, users can enjoy an uninterrupted musical experience without any limitations.

What are the benefits of using Youtube Music premium?

YouTube Music Premium offers a lot of benefits to users who love music. One of the most highlighted benefits is the ability to stream ad-free music from a wide variety of artists on the platform. This allows for uninterrupted listening without any intrusive ads. Additionally, YouTube Premium provides ad-free videos and some original video content. Paid subscribers can upload their audio library and enjoy it whenever they are on the go, without needing to pay any additional fees. YouTube Music Premium is available in many countries/regions across the world. Finally, students enjoy a special discount when signing up for one of the tiers of YouTube Music Premium services, making it an affordable way to enjoy ad-free music among other benefits.


In conclusion, while there are ways to access Youtube Music Premium for free, it is important to remember that these methods are not always legal and can put your device at risk. It’s always better to opt for a legitimate method of obtaining and using Youtube Music Premium to avoid any potential risks or negative consequences. With Youtube Music Premium, you’ll have access to a wide range of features like ad-free listening, offline playback, and the ability to download songs for offline playback. If you’re interested in learning more about Youtube Music Premium, read our comprehensive guide on the requirements and benefits of using it.

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