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Kiatbaca – As a parent, it’s natural to worry about what your child is watching online, especially on platforms like YouTube. But with YouTube Kids, parents can put those fears to rest. YouTube Kids is a filtered version of the original platform that is tailor-made for kids. In this blog, we will discuss what YouTube Kids is and how it differs from the mainstream platform. We’ll also explore the benefits of YouTube Kids for parents and kids alike, covering the popular content and parental control features. Additionally, we will take a look at reviews and ratings of YouTube Kids from parents around the world. Ultimately, this blog aims to help parents make an informed decision about whether YouTube Kids is the right platform for their child.

What is YouTube Kids?

YouTube Kids is a custom-built app by YouTube specifically designed for children. It was launched in 2015 and offers parental control settings, restrictions on who can upload content, and an ad-free streaming experience. The app mimics standard YouTube in its layout, but its content is purely focused on child-friendly programming. With the right privacy settings, parental controls, and supervision, YouTube Kids is considered safe for children. To ensure the safety of the kids, the app offers a variety of parental control apps. YouTube Kids was launched alongside YouTube Music and YouTube Red (now YouTube Premium) in the same year. It has been continuously updated with the latest features to make the app safer and suitable for children.

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Benefits of YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids offers a safe and fun alternative for children to watch videos without any ads. The platform includes a range of ad-free and age-appropriate content, which can be downloaded and watched offline. Parents can control and restrict access with a family link to ensure that only approved content is available on the app. In addition, YouTube Kids allows families to share Music Premium, enabling you to listen to songs offline while also minimizing screen time. To use YouTube Kid’s parental control and age-appropriate content settings, create your child’s profile following YouTube Kids’ settings guidance. With these features, YouTube Kids is an excellent option for kids to enjoy watching their favorite content while giving parents peace of mind.

Parental Control Features

Parents who are concerned about their child’s safety while browsing YouTube can breathe easy with the YouTube Kids app. The app provides a number of parental control features such as restricting search, configuring profiles for multiple users, and limiting screen time. Recently, YouTube has overhauled its Kid-focused video app by giving parents the option to select which videos their children can watch with the help of human filters. Additionally, parental control software like Famisafe is also available that can protect kids from harmful content and allow parents to monitor screen time, block inappropriate videos, and track kids’ locations. Parents should note that YouTube’s terms of service require users to be at least 13 years old, and up to 17 years old, parental permission is required to create an account.

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Popular Content on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is an app designed specifically for children. It has parental control options and restrictions on who can upload content, ensuring children are safe while enjoying the app. The app was launched alongside YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (then YouTube Red) in 2015. YouTube Music Premium family plans enable families to listen to music ad-free, offline, and with their screens off. Moreover, YouTube Premium family plans allow families to enjoy ad-free videos, downloads, and background play on both YouTube and YouTube Music. Recently, Verizon has partnered with YouTube TV to bundle it with their wireless and home internet services. Additionally, Google and Amazon have ended their stalemate, allowing Fire TV to access the YouTube app.

Reviews and Ratings

YouTube Kids is an app designed specifically for children under 13 years old, providing a safer browsing experience for young people. In 2019, YouTube Kids updated their app to give children their own profiles and expand parental controls, aiming to improve user experience. Despite these updates, the platform has come under criticism for the amount of disturbing content that has slipped through the app’s filters. As a response, YouTube Kids now offers parents the option to filter content with either a human selection or an algorithm. Additionally, YouTube Music Premium family plans make it easier for families to listen to music without advertisements, offline, and without needing to use their screens.


YouTube Kids is an excellent platform that parents can use for their children to watch videos that are both fun and educational. It comes with a range of benefits, including liability limitations, a safer browsing experience for kids, and the availability of animated content that is both entertaining and educational. Parents can set up parental controls to ensure their children only have access to age-appropriate content, and they also have the ability to flag or report any content they find inappropriate. There are plenty of popular and educational videos available that are sure to keep youngsters entertained, and with ratings and reviews available for each video, parents can make informed decisions on what to let their children watch. Try out YouTube Kids for free and give your child a fun and safe way to learn and explore.

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