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Kiatbaca – The world is changing at lightning speed. The way we acquire, consume and impart education has transformed over the years. Today, education is not only confined to classrooms but extends far beyond. With the changing world, the education sector is evolving to keep up with the pace. One of the game-changers in education has been Bloomberg. They have revolutionized education with their financial research software and investing tools. They have also extensively supported education programs and initiatives for K-12 and college students. In this blog, we will talk about how Bloomberg is making a difference in the education sector, from supporting charter schools to expanding college access and success. We will also shed light on the college and career peer-advising program that helps NYC students navigate through their education and career decisions. Join us as we investigate how Bloomberg is creating a positive impact in the world of education.

Financial Research Software by Bloomberg

Bloomberg offers a variety of financial research software solutions for both buy-side and sell-side needs. The Professional software provided by Bloomberg has been designed and developed to help facilitate data analysis and trading decision making. Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an online training and certification program that equipped learners with essential financial knowledge, skills, and insights. For those who have less experience, Bloomberg also offers a range of video tutorials that explain how its products and services work. Additionally, the School of Accounting and Finance provides a range of educational opportunities to students, which helps to gain a better understanding of the financial markets. All in all, with its extensive range of educational and research tools consistent use of Bloomberg software can help to enhance your research, analysis, and productivity.

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Investing in Education with the Bloomberg Terminal

Mike Bloomberg has announced a $375 million commitment to education in the US, focusing on the issues facing underrepresented students in achieving academic and career success. The Bloomberg Education Kean University has become a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner, providing learners with access to 20 Bloomberg Terminals in the Bloomberg Lab. These technologies have become the go-to source for over 385,000 financial professionals worldwide. The Bloomberg Lab supports financial research projects that focus on analysis, companies, markets, and portfolio management. Learners can sign up for free access to Bloomberg for Education Content and earn the Bloomberg BMC credential. Bloomberg understands the significance of skills in the modern age and has made significant commitments to support education efforts worldwide.

College and Career Peer Advising Program for NYC Students

The Bloomberg for Education College and Career Peer Advising Program is a valuable resource for NYC students who need guidance and support when planning their future career paths. The program provides expert advice on college planning, career exploration, and other critical areas. It is available to all students in grades 9-12 who live or attend school in New York City and is entirely free of cost.

The program is staffed by experienced professionals, including education, finance, and business experts, who provide personalized support and guidance to students. The Bloomberg for Education College and Career Peer Advising Program aims to empower students to make informed decisions about their education, career, and life.

For more information on the program or to get involved, interested individuals can visit the website or call (866) 435-2922.

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Supporting Charter Schools with Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg stands as a pro-reform candidate who has played a pivotal role in shaping the US educational system. Bloomberg has used his personal funds to support education reform candidates who can bring significant changes in schools. During his administration, the numbers of charter schools increased as mayoral control was used to explore charter school options. Currently, 22 New York City schools are ranked in the top 25 statewide. It is estimated that 7 of these schools were opened under the Bloomberg administration. In addition, Bloomberg’s reform has always been student-centric. He initiated programs to help prepare students for college and careers by championing innovation, rewarding excellent teaching, raising standards, and implementing a tenure rating system. His educational policies have paved the way for new possibilities that have empowered students and given them access to unprecedented opportunities.

Expanding College Access and Success

Bloomberg Philanthropies through their American Talent Initiative and CollegePoint programs are dedicated to increasing college access for lower-income students. These programs concentrate on recruiting the most deserving high-achieving students and offer guidance to help them apply to top-in-class universities. College access for lower-income students can get a boost by providing them with resources and support needed to apply to competitive universities. The initiatives by Bloomberg Philanthropies aim at helping talented students from lower and middle-income households to gain access to recognized universities.

The benefits of increasing access to higher education are immense, especially for low-income students. It can lead to an increased level of social and economic mobility. Through these initiatives, Bloomberg Philanthropies is working towards a brighter future for deserving students while mitigating financial barriers that hinder their growth.

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Advancing K-12 Education with Philanthropy

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic efforts have focused on advancing K-12 education. He has made a significant commitment of $375 million over five years towards education in the US. Additionally, in 2010, he implemented reforms that aimed to prepare students for college and careers in a highly competitive economy. Bloomberg Philanthropies is dedicated to turning around the performance of school in the US by improving high-school graduation rates and college enrollment. The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a non-profit organization, is one example of an education-oriented endeavor. The Partnership is committed to improving instructional leadership, community partnerships, and family engagement to turn around the performance of LAUSD campuses. Moreover, it honors collective bargaining agreements for teachers and school staff within LAUSD.


In conclusion, Bloomberg is committed to advancing education for all. With their financial research software, investing in education through their terminal, and supporting charter schools and peer advising programs, they are making tangible steps in ensuring access and success for students. With the help of philanthropy and initiatives that focus on expanding college access, it’s clear that education is at the forefront of their priorities. Bloomberg’s dedication to investing in education shows that they are committed to ensuring a better future for generations to come. To learn more, visit their website for an in-depth look at their initiatives.

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