How to Add Location on Snapchat

Kiatbaca – Snapchat has come a long way since its launch in 2011, and today it is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. With its unique features, quick updates, and exclusivity, Snapchat can keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. One of its most useful features is adding location to your posts, which can let your friends know where you are and what you are up to. In this blog, we will walk you through how to add a location to a Snapchat post on both iPhone and Android. Additionally, we will help you enable/disable and share location filters, and even show how to change or add a fake location on Snapchat filters. We will also cover some hot FAQs about Snap Map and share tips for using Snapchat’s location feature like a pro. So, let’s start exploring this exciting feature of Snapchat!

How to Add a Location to a Snapchat Post on iPhone?

Snapchat users with iPhones can easily add a location to a post by following these simple steps. Firstly, make sure you have the latest version of the Snapchat iOS app installed to get the “Location” button. Once you’re ready to make your post, open the Snapchat app and take a photo or video. Use the sticker button on the right side of the screen, and click the “Location” button.

Then, select a location from the list of available locations that appear. You may change the shape and size of the location sticker as desired, and move it around to any part of the screen to position it appropriately. Once you’re done, publish the post by tapping the “send” button. Following these steps will add location easily to your Snapchat post on iPhone.

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How to Add a Location to a Snapchat Post on Android?

If you want to add a location to your Snapchat post on Android, the first thing to do is to ensure that your device has location services enabled. Once done, launch the Snapchat app and swipe down to the Snap Map. You will see a location icon at the bottom of the screen – tap on it and share your location with friends. Another way to add a location is by selecting the “Location” button from the top of the sticker button. You can then choose a place from the available locations’ list or find a new location by entering it in the search bar. From there, your friends can see the location on the Map or sticker, making it more fun to use Snapchat!

How to Enable/Disable & Share Location Filters on Snapchat Posts?

Adding a location filter to your Snapchat posts is easy. After taking a picture or video, simply search for available filters that will add a location to your posts. These filters, known as ‘geofilters,’ are helpful for local marketing and spreading brand awareness. To create and share a Geofilter, users must select a location and draw a radius on a map. It’s important to note that geofilters are only available to users within the chosen radius of the chosen location. Users have the option to enable or disable geofilters on their posts based on their preference. With the help of these geofilters, Snapchat users can easily tag and locate their posts on the app.

How to Change or Add Fake Location on Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat Filters allow users to change their location instantly. One way to do this is by using a virtual private network (VPN) service, which can enable users to access different filters from different locations. Alternatively, users can take advantage of the iMyFone AnyTo to trick their GPS service into changing their location. In Snapchat, accessing the Location Settings is easy. The user only needs to tap “Settings” at the top of their Map screen to view and alter their location preferences. If a user prefers not to reveal their location, they can toggle on the Ghost Mode option to hide it altogether. Finally, if the user wants to know more about how to use Snap Map, part 5 of the search results provides comprehensive information.

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Hot FAQs about Snap Map

Snap Map is a feature on Snapchat that allows users to find Snaps shared from around the world and view their friends’ real-time locations. Users can access the feature by tapping the map icon on the bottom left of their Snapchat app. Snap Map is live, which means that any updates posted on the map are almost immediately reflected on it. Users can easily change or add a fake location on Snapchat filters. Apart from showing friend locations, Snap Map also displays the local time and weather in those areas. It’s a great feature for sharing your location and staying connected with friends and family all over the world.

Tips for Using Snapchat Location Feature

Snapchat allows its users to share their location with their friends using the Snap Map feature. There are different privacy settings that you can choose from, such as Ghost Mode, Select Friends, and My Friends. Enabling location services in your device settings is an essential step to access the Snap Map feature. Once you have enabled it, go to the camera screen and swipe down to open the Snap Map.

It’s essential to note that Snapchat does not notify users when someone looks at their location on the Snap Map. If the location sticker does not appear, ensure you close the Snapchat app and reset your device’s location settings. You can set a time limit for how long your location is visible to your friends by going to the settings section at the top of the Map screen. These tips will help you use Snap Map better and make the most of its features while keeping your privacy intact.

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Final Thoughts

Adding location to your Snapchat posts is a great way to give context to your content, and to help your followers discover new places. You can add location to your snaps using the Snap Map or a Geofilter. To do it seamlessly, make sure that your location services are enabled. The inclusion of your location sticker will enhance your Snapchat Story and make it stand out. When adding a location, make sure that the chosen geofilter and location sticker is the most relevant to your content. Utilizing this feature can help your followers discover new locations while keeping them up to date with your whereabouts.


Snapchat has revolutionized how we share our daily lives with others, and adding your location is a fantastic feature that lets your friends know what you’re up to. There are various ways to add your location on Snapchat, including enabling filters and sharing it through the Snap Map. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, there are steps that you can follow to customize your Snap post with the perfect location. Before you start, make sure to follow the tips and tricks to ensure you use this feature safely and effectively. If you’re still unsure about how to add your location to your Snapchat story, check out our comprehensive guide, and get creative with your posts today!

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