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Kiatbaca – The journey of academic and spiritual growth is an important one, and as a Christian parent or educator, we understand how critical it is to nurture both aspects for a young growing mind. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to “Christian Light Education,” an educational system that meets the needs of students across the globe. It is a package of excellence that offers a comprehensive curriculum for students at every grade level with strong Christian values as its foundation. From Bible study to advanced math, the curriculum is well-designed and engaging, providing students with everything they need to succeed. As you read on, you’ll find out just how this amazing program unlocks academic and spiritual growth in our students, all while nurturing a biblical worldview. Join us as we uncover the benefits of Christian Light Education and learn how it can shape the future of your child’s academic and spiritual journey.

Unlock Academic and Spiritual Growth

Christian Light Education provides a unique and thorough curriculum for grades 1-12 that helps in both academic and spiritual growth. They not only offer academic support and answer curriculum questions for students but also provide support to families and educators in teaching to a class and individual study. Christian Light Education’s curriculum instills Christian values in their students, making it not only a platform for learning but also a pathway for discipleship.

Their mission statement of spreading the Gospel, strengthening families, and providing Christian education is present in the design of their curriculum. It aims to prepare students not only for their academic endeavors but also for the uncharted waters of life. Christian Light Education offers an extensive line of high school electives that ensures the development of the student’s character and worldview. Enroll in Christian Light Education’s curriculum today and unleash the full potential of both academic and spiritual growth.

Nurture a Biblical Worldview

Christian Light Education is a complete curriculum provider including support items and high school electives. Their homeschooling curriculum is affordable and values essential aspects of student growth such as family, community, and hard work. The main highlight of Christian Light Education’s curriculum is the God’s History LightUnits program, which introduces a biblical worldview in Social Studies for grade 7. The program aims to instill deeply held values that strengthen and prepare the students to succeed in life for God’s glory. Christian Light Education believes that teachers have the ability to help students study more independently in a non-computer-based environment. Therefore, their curriculum can help nurture a comprehensive and biblical worldview in your children.

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Curriculum for Every Subject and Grade Level

Christian Light Education provides a comprehensive curriculum for every subject and grade level, including math, language arts, science, and social studies. The curriculum is designed to integrate Christian beliefs with education, which makes it unique from other curriculum providers. The Sunrise 2nd Edition Language Arts 7, for example, is aimed at integrating grammar, spelling, and writing with writing instruction in every LightUnit.

Additionally, Christian Light Education offers manipulatives and visual aids to aid learning. These are used frequently in first grade Math but decrease in subsequent grade levels. All materials needed for instruction are provided in the curriculum, with optional teaching aids for younger grades. The best part is that the materials are available at a reasonable price, making it accessible to a broad range of students.

Comprehensive System of Daily Lessons, Quizzes & Tests

Christian Light Education is an all-inclusive, comprehensive system of education from grades 1 to 12. It includes teacher materials and high school electives. The curriculum emphasizes mastering fundamental concepts and skills incrementally, coupled with manipulatives and visual aids to teach complex topics. Christian Light Education Mathematics emphasizes the importance of mastering math facts and computation skills. Most courses have ten LightUnits with one lesson per day, while five-LightUnit courses can be used for a semester or 2-3 days per week all year round. The curriculum also offers quizzes and tests, ensuring that students are on track, keeping pace with their peers, and learning at an optimum pace. The lessons are interactive and engaging, ensuring that students learn quickly and efficiently. The system offered by Christian Light Education is unmatched and enables students to learn in a structured, easy-to-understand program.

Engaging Workbook Design for Productive Study

Christian Light Education is a comprehensive curriculum that offers a complete package with teacher material and high school electives. The course is centered around the textbook Across the Ages and provides two study options: LightUnit and Worksheet. Most courses consist of 10 LightUnits with one lesson per day per subject.

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One of the unique features of Christian Light Education is its engaging workbook design. The curriculum is designed to maximize student productivity and facilitate independent study. The courses are great for homeschoolers who value family, community, and simplicity.

It is important to note that the Christian Light Education curriculum does not come with multiple schedules. However, five-LightUnit courses are intended for one semester or 2-3 days a week all year. Christian Light Education is an excellent curriculum choice for parents who want their students to become independent and responsible learners.

Free Course Reviews for Your School

Christian Light Education offers a comprehensive academic curriculum for students in grades 1-12, along with teacher material and high school electives. The curriculum includes all necessary teaching resources, and optional supplemental materials are also available. You can purchase the curriculum directly from Christian Light Education’s shopping page. It is a free service that provides review copies of curriculum without any paid promotion or incentives. However, some affiliate links might be included as these links point you to products that the website agrees with and endorses. Christian Light Education believes in transparency and believes in the importance of honest reviews. This ensures that students and families can make informed decisions when selecting the very best curriculum.

Invite a Representative to Visit Your School

Christian Light Education is a ministry that focuses on providing resources, support, and education to help students succeed in their studies. A representative from Christian Light Education can visit your school and impart valuable knowledge for achieving academic success. Representatives from Christian Light Education are available to speak at school events, meetings, and assemblies to educate students, educators, and parents on the strategies and resources that can help students achieve their goals.

The representatives from Christian Light Education always take the time to listen and answer any questions, offering invaluable advice on how to make learning more manageable and effective. If you are interested in learning more about how Christian Light Education can help your students succeed, click on the link below for more information.

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Get Answers to All Your Questions

Christian Light Education (CLE) is a comprehensive education program that provides complete curriculum from grades one through twelve, including teacher materials and supports. The curriculum includes all of the necessary instructional materials, as well as optional teaching aids. If you have any questions about the curriculum, academic support is available to help answer them. The CLE Mathematics program is taught from a Christian perspective, which emphasizes mastering basic math facts. In addition, extra practice sheets are provided for all elementary Language Arts courses to help ensure that students master the concepts. CLE is a perfect fit for parents who want to provide their children with a Christian-based education.

Sign Up for Updates from Christian Light

Christian Light Education offers a comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12 that encompasses all aspects of learning. Their teaching helps for younger grades provide a strong foundation for students to build on as they progress through their education. The Sunrise 2nd Edition Language Arts 7 course combines grammar, spelling, and writing in one comprehensive course, making it an excellent choice for students looking to strengthen their language skills.

The Sunrise Edition courses follow a daily lesson division and incremental learning, making it easier for students to learn and retain information. Christian Light Education also offers extra practice sheets for all of their elementary Language Arts courses, ensuring that students receive the support and practice necessary to excel. Sign up today for updates from Christian Light and join the thousands of satisfied homeschoolers who have successfully used their curriculum.


Christian Light Education is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that nurtures not only academic growth but also spiritual enrichment. This curriculum has a thorough daily lesson plan with quizzes, tests, and engaging workbook designs for productive study. The curriculum aligns with a biblical worldview, ensuring that children learn in a wholesome and nurturing environment. You can also receive free course reviews of this curriculum for your school, and invite a representative to clarify any questions you may have. Stay updated with the latest from Christian Light Education by signing up for updates on their website. Give your child the gift of a holistic education with Christian Light Education.

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