How to Get Popular on Youtube

Kiatbaca – Youtube is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It is a great way to share your ideas, connect with like-minded people, and make some money. In this blog, we will teach you how to get popular on youtube. We will cover the steps you need to take, the channels you should start with, how to increase views and subscribers on your videos, how to make a video that will be successful, and more.

Steps to take to get popular on Youtube

To become popular on YouTube, you need to create high-quality videos that are interesting and informative. Use a variety of camera angles and shots to capture your audience’s attention. Utilize catchy titles and subtitles to draw in viewers. Write engaging descriptions that will capture your viewer’s interest. Finally, share your videos on social media platforms to increase viewership. With a little effort, you can reach the top of the search rankings and attract a large audience on YouTube.

3 effective channels for you to start with

To become a popular YouTuber, you need to have a good grasp of video marketing techniques. Start by creating a channel on YouTube. This step is the most basic and will allow you to upload videos without worrying about copyright issues.

Use video marketing techniques to increase your viewership. Upload interesting and engaging content to attract more viewers. This will help build your audience’s interest in your content and make them more likely to watch it.

Another way to boost your popularity on YouTube is by creating powerful social media posts. Share your latest videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to generate buzz around your channel. By using these tips and techniques, you can easily become popular on YouTube

How to increase views and subscribers on your videos

To get popular on YouTube, you need to do keyword research and make sure your videos are of high quality. You can also promote your videos across social media platforms and other online channels to generate traffic and interest in your content. Lastly, you can guest post on popular blogs and websites to increase exposure and reach more people. Through these steps, you can become popular on YouTube and earn the attention of viewers.

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Tips to make your videos successful

– Choose a high-quality video format.

High-quality video formats like .MP4, .MOV, or .GIF are great for sharing on social media and online platforms. They have clear, vibrant colors and a wide range of resolution options that provide viewers with optimal viewing experiences.

– Use sound effects and music to enhance your videos.

Both sound effects and music can add depth and emotion to your videos. Not only do they improve the overall quality of your content, but they also help get people excited about it. Plus, they can be used to highlight particular scenes or points in the video. Also, consider using pre-recorded sounds or vocals to create unique audio branding for your video.

– Plan and shoot your videos in a well-lit environment.

Ideally, you should plan your shooting locations around natural light. This will help produce consistent and high-quality footage regardless of the conditions of the day or night. Also, try to frame your shots correctly so that the camera captures as much of the subject as possible. Finally, use editing software with built-in sounds and visuals to produce high-quality videos easily


How to make a video

Start by choosing a topic and theme that is relevant to your business. This will help you focus your video content and structure on something specific and meaningful.

Plan the video content and structure carefully. This includes determining the length of the video, the type of video you’ll create, and any other details that will help you plan the video’s overall look and feel.

Next, shoot and edit the video footage quickly and efficiently. Use a camera that provides great footage quality for your subject matter, whether it’s a professional camera or a smartphone.

Once you’ve collected your footage, spend time refining it into a high-quality final product. This will help you capture your message in an engaging way that resonates with viewers.

Finally, promote your video on social media and other online channels. This can help people find your video and entice them to watch it. It also helps you spread the word about your video, increasing its reach and impact.

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The 5 steps to making a popular video

The steps to making a popular video are as follows:

– Choose a relevant and interesting topic

– Create a well-made script

– Shoot and edit the video properly

– Choose a catchy title that grabs the attention of viewers

– Encourage comments and discussion on your video

Ideally, these steps should be followed in order to create high quality content that can go viral. By following these steps, you can ensure your video is not only engaging but also gets great reviews and views.

7 tips for better engagement with your subscribers

In order to increase the likelihood of engaging your subscribers, it’s important to use video content that is relevant to your audience. This could include creating videos around topics such as DIY tutorials, beauty tips, how-to’s, or product reviews. Make sure your videos are well-edited and engaging by adding captivating elements such as graphics and visual effects. Another way to boost engagement is to provide valuable tips and advice in your videos. This can be done by creating videos around topics such as cooking tutorials or how to do a certain task. Finally, you can use social media platforms such as email campaigns, Facebook ads, and Twitter ads to promote your videos. By staying active on YouTube and engaging with your subscribers regularly, you can measure the success of your YouTube strategy and make necessary changes as needed.

10 tips to increasing views on your videos

To increase the views of your videos, you need to spend time and effort in crafting engaging videos. This will help to attract more viewers and increase your chances of becoming popular on YouTube.

-Make sure your videos are well-written and engaging. This will capture the attention of viewers and make them want to watch the video again and again. Also, be creative in the way you frame your video shots. Use interesting camera angles to add a unique touch to your content.

-Add visual effects to your videos for an even more immersive experience. These can include slow motion or panning effects that make your video appear more lively and engaging.

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-Use online video marketing tools to increase viewership and engagement. You can use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your videos and get feedback from potential viewers.

-Share your videos on popular websites and forums. By sharing your content on social media platforms, you can reach a wider audience and engage with them further via comments and reactions.

-Utilize video annotations to provide additional information about the video. These can include callouts, title cards, bullet points, or title sequences that give your viewers context of what theyโ€™re viewing in the video.

-Make use of online video marketing tools such as paid ads, email campaigns, and landing page templates to increase viewership and engagement. By experimenting with different marketing strategies, you can find which works best for your business’s goals


If you’re looking to become popular on YouTube, there are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

– Make sure to produce high-quality videos that are relevant to your audience. This will help to earn positive reviews from viewers and make you more popular on social media.

– Utilize social media platforms to promote your videos and build an audience. This will help you attract viewers who may be interested in your content and create a loyal audience who may be willing to watch your videos repeatedly.

– Utilize video monetization strategies to make money from your videos. This can help you cover the costs of creating and posting videos on social media, leading to greater exposure and popularity among viewers.

– Stay positive and consistent with your video content to maintain viewer engagement and viewership. This will help you build a rapport with viewers and keep them coming back for more.


With the help of these tips, you can boost your channelโ€™s popularity on Youtube. Besides creating great content, social media optimization and an eye-catching design, you must also give your videos enough views to succeed. Remember that if people arenโ€™t finding your videos online, they wonโ€™t subscribe to them. If you follow the above tips, your video will surely be a hit! To learn more, email us here!

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