Heardle, November 9: Here are clues, answer for today’s music puzzle

Heardle is out with yet another puzzle. People are exposed to a wide range of musicians and musical genres through the game. Here are hints and the right answer for you. Keep scrolling to read what you need.

Heardle, a browser-based game, was released in March 2022. It was modeled after the well-known Wordle word search, which requires guessing words with five letters. Heardle, on the other hand, gives players a maximum of six chances to listen to the beginning of a well-known song and guess its title. It is critical to identify the title as soon as you can because each incorrect guess lengthens the song.

People are exposed to a wide range of musicians and musical genres through the game. The game is highly captivating and beneficial for relieving stress.

The songs included in the daily challenges, according to Heardle’s official website, are among the most streamed music from the last ten years.

What are the Hints and Clues for November 9?

• This song was released in 2005.
• The music style is alternative rock and pop.
• The song is a Single by Foo Fighters.
• The name of the song has three words.
• The album’s title is In Your Honour.

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What is the answer for November 9?

The answer of Heardle of 9th November is Best of You by Foo Fighters.

The opening line of the song, delivered by Dave Grohl with strong vocals and a strong rhythm guitar, establishes the mood for the entire song. The song steadily gets heavier as it goes along. Best of You was a global blockbuster hit and was highly praised by many reviewers of modern music.

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