Naagin 6 October 29, 2022 written update: Pratha-Prathna finds a new enemy in the mystical Mayuri, Anmol wants revenge

Zang arrives at the naag mahal to find the coveted treasure.

Naagin 6 October 29, 2022 written update: Pratha-Prathna finds a new enemy in the mystical Mayuri, Anmol wants revenge

Anmol is found safe by her family, after being rescued by Prathna. Anmol refuses to listen to the consolations from Rishabh and Pratha. She criticises Rishabh for acknowledging Rudra and Pratha’s marriage.

Rudra tells Prathna that whatever happened was wrong, and the way they got married was not supposed to happen, despite him loving her. Anmol is inconsolable and refuses to eat. Urvashi tries to fuel Anmol’s anger further, saying that Prathna seems to have stolen the love of Anmol’s life, as well as Anmol’s family. The evil woman tries to turn Anmol against Prathna, but Anmol refuses to believe her.

Urvashi and Patali try to create further chaos. Patali lights Anmol’s dress on fire. Anmol locks herself in her room and grives. Urvashi comes back to poison Anmol’s mind, saying that it seemed like Prathna might have planned it all, as she was previously in love with Rudra. Urvashi and Patali try to encourage Anmol to take revenge on Prathna. Urvashi advises Anmol to break up Prathna’s marriage.

As Rudra and Prathna turn to leave for the former’s home, Anmol stops them and asks them to stay for her Diwali party. On being questioned by Pratha, Anmol says that she realised that Rudra did not love her back, and says Prathna is like her sister. Rudra agrees to stay for a few days.

Rudra and Prathna discuss what happened. While Prathna says she did what she did to save Anmol’s family from embarrassment, Rudra says he truly loves her. Rudra assures Prathna that he will not force her into anything, and is willing to break the marriage if need be. Rudra sits down to work, and Prathna works out a way to steal Rudra’s diary so as to gain more information about her father’s killers.

When Rudra goes to sleep, she tries to take the diary from under him. Her mangalsutra gets caught on Rudra’s shirt, waking him up. She lies and says that she was trying to take a blanket. She feels as if she is starting to fall in love with Rudra as well.

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Rudra goes to Rishabh and the two agree to work together again. They talk about the festival that is to take place on the first day of Diwali at the naag mahal, when the door to the treasure will open, to be opened by the Sesh naagin. Prathna overhears what they said, and also decides to go to the naag mahal. Zang is also planning to go to the naag mahal to put his evil plan into motion as well.

As Rishabh sets off to find the sesh naagin, Pratha decides to come along as well. Prathna joins Rudra also. Anmol decides to stay back to plan the party, and plans to destroy Prathna. Urvashi and Patali also arrive at the naag mahal and call upon the enemy of sesh naags- a monstrous peacock called Mayuri, who takes human form.

The puja takes place at the Naag mahal, and Urvashi and Patali arrive with Mayuri. Mayuri dances to please Shiv Ji. Rudra’s father meets up with Zang.

Pratha leaves and asks Shiv Ji to open the door to the treasure to her, just as Mayuri arrives. Zang watches it all hidden away.

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