Jake Paul defeats Anderson Silva by unanimous decision: Round-by-round analysis

Jake Paul was outboxed, struggling to find his power shots and battling to solve the crafty, older champion across from him in game Anderson Silva.

Then, finally, in the eighth and final round, Paul released a hard right hand that followed a stiff left to Silva’s nose.

That knockdown dropped Silva to one knee. He responded to provide another two minutes of compelling action, but getting dropped was more than enough of a margin for Paul, 25.

And while it appeared during the wait that the scorecards would be unkind to the popular YouTuber following an entertaining battle with Silva, 47, the judges instead surprisingly gave the nod to Paul by scores of 77-74, 78-73, 78-73.

“It’s tough to come in here and fight a young kid, but I tried my best,” Silva said.

In victory, Paul called out recent UFC main-event winner Nate Diaz for a showdown in 2023.

USA TODAY Sports’ Lance Pugmire detailed some of the round-by-round action from Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

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Jake Paul celebrates his victory over Anderson Silva.

Round 1

In an arena packed with YouTubers and hundreds of selfie-taking fans powerfully displaying the influence of social media, the fighter with 20 million YouTube followers stepped into a boxing ring to participate in the ancient form of hand-to-hand combat.

Facing the beyond-wise Silva, the exuberant Paul came out jabbing. Southpaw Silva pawed away the advances as the crowd roared “Silva!” and then Paul delivered a body shot. Silva backed from a head shot, then positioned to land a clean left to Paul’s face.

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Paul, 10-9

Round 2

What a round! Silva swings wildly and misses with the left. Paul jabs. Silva follows with a clean left. Paul lands a left off a missed right. Silva playfully ducks and dodges Paul punches, then rises to belt Paul with a jab. A Silva right is followed by a big left. Paul answers with a right. Silva hits him again with a power left.

Silva 10-9, 19-19

Round 3

Silva has clearly plotted to corner Paul and get him backed to the ropes, and the strategy was effective as he landed big-time scoring blows. Paul is swinging hard blows, but missing most. Silva is getting the better of the boxing match.

Silva, 10-9, Silva, 29-28

Round 4

Paul’s pressure is sincere. He’s capable of throwing a knockdown punch, but he’s not landing it. Silva goes hard to the body.

Paul, 10-9, 38-38

Round 5

Silva’s boxing acumen is shining here as Paul presses for power shots that aren’t landing.

Silva, 10-9, 48-47

Round 6

Paul is now less confident about charging into a fistfight with Silva, and the former UFC champion again gets the best of an exchange in the final minute that decided the round.

Silva, 10-9, Silva 58-56

Round 7

Silva lands some blows and again corners Paul. Combinations by Silva surround a hard Paul right. Paul misses a wild right.

Silva, 10-9, Silva 68-65

Round 8

Paul finally lands the knockdown right, dropping Silva to a knee. But the ancient warrior rises and engages in exchanges until the round’s close.

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