‘Married at First Sight’ Season 16 First Look: Meet the New Couples Hoping for a Happily Ever After

Married at First Sight dom mac

Married at First Sightis taking on the Music City for season 16!

The beloved matchmaking series is set to return to Lifetime in 2023 — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the 10 Nashville-based singles ready to find their forever loves.

As MAFS fans know, the series will follow each couple as they tie the knot, head out on a honeymoon and move in together. At the end of the season, the couples will have to make a decision about whether they want to remain married or get a divorce.

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Meet the the five hopeful new couples below.

Airris and Jasmine

Married at First Sight Season 16 airris jasmine

Jasmine, 31, is more than ready to settle down and start a family. She has had a few long-term relationships but none have panned out. Though she has a strong desire to find a partner she can cater to and grow old with, Jasmine admits she has been unlucky in the dating department. She hopes that MAFS coming to Nashville will be her chance to finally find true, long-lasting love.

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Airris, 39, has taken the last few years to really focus on himself. Now that he is establishing himself in his desired career, he wants to plant roots and start a family. He looks forward to finding his wife through the Married at First Sight process and building the next chapter of his life with her by his side.

Christopher and Nicole

Married at First Sight Season 16 chris nicole

Nicole, 32, is exceptionally close with her parents so she has always hoped that they would find “the one” for her. However, since they have been unreliable in that sense, she is ready to put her love life in the hands of the experts. Nicole believes she’s the perfect candidate for Married at First Sight because she is an untraditional gal who is excited about the idea of an arranged marriage.

Christopher, 36, has not been able to make a meaningful connection since moving to Nashville. He has gone on a handful of dates but often finds that women aren’t looking for something long-term. Married at First Sight is an intriguing process to him because he is confident the women involved are just as ready for marriage as he is. Christopher is excited about the next chapter and hopes the experts can help him find his one true love.

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Clint and Gina

Married at First Sight Season 16 clint gina

Gina, 36, experienced a brutal breakup four years ago and decided to put a pause on dating in order to advance her career and refocus her priorities. Now that she has built a successful business, she is ready to put herself back in the relationship game. She is willing to devote herself to the Married at First Sight process and has full faith that the experts can find her a man with whom she can dream, travel, and potentially build a family.

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Clint, 40, has always considered family to be very important and he would love to have children of his own. Now that he is 40 and still has not found the one, he knows he has to try a different approach. A lifelong learner, Clint believes that to have anything done right, you have to learn and listen to experts. He is ready to apply that same thought process to find a wife and put his fate in the matchmakers’ hands. Clint hopes that by blindly trusting them, he’ll meet the one.

Mackinley and Domynique

Married at First Sight dom mac

Domynique, 25, hasn’t had many long-term relationships, but is confident she is ready for marriage. When she does date, it is with the intention of settling down and finding something meaningful. Unfortunately, the bar scene and dating apps are not working out for her as she doubts that is where she’ll meet her perfect match. Married at First Sight seems like the answer to her prayers — and Domynique is excited to find out if her soulmate is in the mix.

Mackinley, 33, was left blindsided by his most recent relationship. Since then, he has had trust issues. His fear of getting hurt again has caused him to put a wall up and he’s tired of feeling like he can’t fully open up to women. Mackinley is ready to put himself back out there and is hopeful he’ll find love through the Married at First Sight process. He finds the experts comforting and believes that their help and guidance are exactly what he needs to get out of his own way.

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