Billionaire David Rubenstein warns 100-point Fed rate hike would ‘depress’ markets

David Rubenstein said the Fed would shock the market if it raised rates by 100 basis points.Getty Images for Concordia Summi

The Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein argued that if the Federal Reserve moves to increase interest rates 100 basis points, it would be indicating it knows inflation is much worse than people think, telling “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” it would further “depress markets.”

Rubenstein noted that then-Fed boss Paul Volcker increased interest rates 200 basis points over one weekend without telegraphing or explaining the move.

“Now the world is different,” Rubenstein said. “They [the Fed] telegraph exactly what they are going to do and explain it afterward. The Fed has been telegraphing 75 basis points.

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“If they were to go to 100 basis points, I think it would be shocking to the market. I know some percentage of people in the market, 14% or so, think it might be 100 basis points, but I think they wouldn’t want to shock the market that way, so if they were going to do 100 basis points, I think they would have telegraphed it by now.”

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